Endless Space 2: The Horatio Arrive


To whom it may concern, I’m the Horatio and all your gaming needs have been met!

endless_space_2_logo_artAmplitude Studios is proud to announce the second full update to Endless Space 2, which is currently in Steam’s Early Access program. A quick rewind: when ES 2 came out last year, it started with four major factions and a few minors. Since then, one major faction (United Empires) was added as well as a handful of minors.

horatio_fleet Space Dragons by Horatio

With this second update, let’s look at what we get:

  • Added a new major faction, the Horatio!

  • Implemented a new Technology tree

  • Added Battle Play Cards

  • Reworked the game options menu

  • Added Advanced Culture in addition to Scavengers and Eucsocial (Z’vali & Epistis are now advanced)

  • Added the Gnashast minor faction (Scavengers)

  • Added the Tikanan minor faction (Eusocials)

  • Added the Eyder, a Scavenger minor faction created…

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